AllBright Electropolishing Inc.

(AEI) was established in 1997 and then purchased in 1998 by Arnie Colina. In 2005 Allbright was transferred to Arnie's son Dustin Colina its current President, Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer.

AEI's main purpose was to supply reliable, quality Electropolishing service to local Job Shops, catering to the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, in the West Central Florida area.

In 1999 AllBright went through a period of re-focusing its customer base and tactics of operations.

Our customer geographical area has grown to include all of Florida, and has spread throughout the entire United States and Canada.

In 2000 AEI implemented Quality Control Procedures based on ISO-9000 standards. This along with changes to AEI's process line, constant improvements in handling its waste streams, and providing superb quality Electropolishing Service to our customers, has established AEI with a reputation as the largest, most experienced, quality Electropolishing Company in the West-Central Florida area.

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Since then our customer base has grown to include industries such as:

One-time Custom Jobs
 Boating and Marine Products
 Railings, Plumbing
 Dairy and Pharmaceutical Filtering Components
 Automobile and Motorcycle Decorative Parts 
 Aerospace and Aeronautics
 Surgical and Medical Industries
Stainless Steel Stamping and Casting Companies
 Nut's and Bolts,
plus many more; Click hear to see examples:

In our constant pursuit of providing "Customer Satisfaction", AEI strives to deliver quality Service; have constant flexibility to meet our customer's needs; establish a two-way avenue of good communication with our customers; improve customer knowledge of the benefits of Electropolishing Stainless Steel, and provide reasonable pricing.

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